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Category Archives: Media

Wellbeing – what is it?

We hear a lot about wellbeing, but what is it really? Psychologist and author, Collett Smart talks about wellbeing here. Read more [...] Read More

Teaching Body Safety to Children

From the time a child can understand language you can teach children the phrase “You are the boss of your body.” Collett Smart talks to Laura Bennet and recommends resources by Jayneen Sanders. Read more [...] Read More

Preparing Kids to Move House

Psychologist Collett Smart talks to Laura Bennett on Mums At the Table TV about how we can best support our children when we move house. Read more [...] Read More

Family rituals and traditions – why they matter

Many family and cultural traditions communicate to young people that they belong to something bigger than themselves. Traditions say, "THIS IS US!" Psychologist Collett Smart talks to Natasha Moore about some ideas. Read more [...] Read More

9 ideas for screentime balance

So instead of banning screen time, we need to help our children to critically consider their screen content, as well as to engage in healthy, enjoyable physical activities. Start by... Read more [...] Read More

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Wellbeing with Collett Smart. How to cultivate a growth mindset Read more [...] Read More

New script for sexual behaviour

Psychologist and author Collett Smart talks to Larry and Sally on The Morning Show, about her new parenting book, 'They'll be Okay'. (topics include; talking to kids about p*rnography, consent and choices) Read more [...] Read More

Children don’t need to be happy all of the time

Collett talks about the importance of ALL emotions, their appropriate expression and how experiencing the 'tough' emotions can be opportunities to build character. Read more [...] Read More