The complicated issue of school bullying

"Mum, I was bullied today!" - Little else evokes as fierce emotions in parents. However, I am going to say something a little emotion provoking myself... We will never fully stamp out bullying!... there, I said it! Read more [...]

Look for the Helpers – helping young people process media trauma

How do we help children to process evil incidents that are published in the international media? Read more [...]

Talking to children about ‘stranger danger’ – without instilling fear

Also published on iVillage. In light of heartbreaking and very public news of recent murders and kidnappings (such as Jill Meagher and more recently, the escape of the 3 kidnapped girls in the US), it is more than likely that many children will be exposed to communal outpourings of shock, grief and fear. This may occur through snippets of adult conversation, passing by a news agency, listening to the car radio or via television news. Fear reactions to media are quite common for young Read more [...]

So what is ‘wholeness’ anyway?

Wholeness to me is also not complete perfection, however wholeness is something which we are becoming. Read more [...]