This week (1-7 September) is National Child Protection Week.  This is a campaign held annually, around Australia, to raise awareness of child abuse prevention.

From the time a child can understand language, we can teach children the phrase “You are the boss of your body.” In the above video, I talk to Laura Bennet and recommend resources by child advocate, Jayneen Sanders.

I am thrilled to have Jay contribute to Conversation #1 – Body Safety: ‘You are the boss of your body’ in my book, THEY’LL Be OKAY. Some of her 10 tips for teaching children about Body Safety, can be found in a blog post here.

Whenever I run seminars, I have copies of her book, ‘MY BODY! What I say GOES!’ It’s a fantastic resource for parents, grandparents and teachers.

The above video, ‘Teaching Body Safety to Children‘, can also be found on my media page here.