An ADHD Partnership – Your Stories 2

To sum it up, my life has never been predictable or dull being married to my husband. As I have embraced life with him so he has understood my needs as well and will often, while on holiday, take the kids to run off his energy with them while I stay and curl up with my book and glass of wine or a cup of coffee! I believe the key is not to fight the differences in each other but embrace them. We are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary and I am more in love with my bundle of energy man than ever and I look so forward to our new adventures in the years ahead. Read more [...]

Adults Living with ADHD – Your Stories (No 1)

This is the first of a few posts called 'Adults Living with ADHD'. I wrote a post called 'ADHD - Is it Still a 4 Letter Word?'  and was inundated with hope-filled stories by parents. Following this, I decided to create these posts covering adults' stories, as I noticed that parents of children with an ADHD diagnosis would often voice their concern for the future of their children. My following posts will be from other adults that have contacted me and would like to share their stories with Read more [...]

ADHD – Your stories

Two weeks ago I wrote an article called, 'ADHD - Is it Still a 4 Letter Word?' . It was barely up on the blog and I received the most beautiful comments from parents, which again spoke to me of the sometimes silent journey that they walk as they feel judged and questioned by others. I then asked for parents to write to me about their ADHD journeys, which I would publish as an encouragement for others. I was overwhelmed and thrilled by the response of parents to this request. Many people said how thrilled they were that I had spoken the words that had been in their hearts for a long time. Read more [...]

ADHD – Is it still a 4 letter word?

Although, I strongly advise parents never to just jump into a diagnosis. Perhaps wait a while, especially with a young child, to see if it just immaturity and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Very often parents have a gut feel anyway, and know their child best! Read more [...]