#selfies – You are worth more than the sum total of your ‘likes’

The numerical value of all their ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and ‘friends’, do not present an accurate picture of the quality of their social experiences, the total of their abilities or a reflection of their worth. Read more [...]

On ‘moral panics’ and silencing the debate on sexting apps

Has Laissez-faire parenting become ‘the new black’? With the help of home grown pot, parent-supervised binge-drinking parties and new self-destructing ‘sexting’ apps, teens can get safely inebriated, safely high, or safely sexually harassed, all in the comfort of the parental nest. The rationale being that teens will do such-and-such anyway, so why say ‘no’ to anything they want to do. Read more [...]

Teen ‘sexting’ – The real issues with naked selfies

So Facebook is planning an app that allows you to send photos ‘discreetly’, much like Snapchat? Naturally! Doesn’t everyone sending a photo to grandma, of their 2 year old playing on the beach this Christmas season, want it to self-destruct in 10 seconds? Quick, get your specs grandma – oops too late. Read more [...]

Is sexting just ‘parent panic’?

Last Friday, whilst in the hairdresser, I was handed a magazine. I initially declined as I had my own book to read, but a featured article caught my eye.    Jennifer Hawkins “I’m all for sexting!” Yes, our beloved JayHawk, former Miss Universe and by default (somehow) an Australian role model, is encouraging potentially risky behaviour. Again!  (The complaint about Jen's ad for Loveable lingerie, for young girls, was upheld by the ASB recently. She was also an ambassador Read more [...]

Let’s talk about Sexting – Parenting Teens #2

We know that 'sexting' refers to the combination of the words 'sex' and 'texting', however teenagers have confirmed to me that only adults use the words 'sexting'. Teens refer to it as a 'sexy present' or 'sexy image'. However, it is not limited to just mobile phone messaging, but any technological activity. What are young people saying about this trend? Read more [...]