Teenagers, Sleep and Blue light

Sleep is vitally important for learning, memory, brain development and health. Hence, when we systematically allow our children to go to bed late we are sleep-
depriving them during a time when their brains are still developing, and you couldn’t design a worse system for learning. Read more [...]

Parents are having much farther reaching effects than they know

When you tell your child that they’ve reached their limit of screen time for the day or that they aren’t allowed to play a particular game because of its content, you aren’t going to see their grades improve immediately or better behavior tomorrow (in fact, you might see a lot of complaining today). Read more [...]

The ‘Like me’ Generation

Collett on The Exchange with Michael Woods discussing young people and Social Media.

Part 1 – ‘It’s Complicated: The social Lives of Networked Teens’

'It is common for people to label anything unfamiliar as dangerous, and social media platforms and gaming devices are no exception.' Read more [...]

Part 2 – ‘It’s Complicated’ – My disagreements

In an ideal world our digital persona would not have any effect on the views of employers, friends or colleagues, but no matter how much we hypothesize that this should not be the case pressing the delete button will not alter human conduct. Read more [...]

Teens and Pornography

“Parents should assume that their children will see porn,” Dr Flood said. “And parents should begin the conversations with their children so that when they do, they’re more likely to say ‘this is rubbish’ or ‘this is sexist’, or ‘this doesn't teach me what I need to know about sex’." Read more [...]

#selfies at funerals

What is the difference between self-expression and self-promotion? Read more [...]

How much time should our kids spend with media?

Despite all of the new technology, many parents still seem to have few rules about use of media by their children and adolescents. In a recent study, two-thirds of children and teenagers reported that their parents have “no rules” about time spent with media. (Wow!) Read more [...]

Keeping Kids Safe on Instagram – Guest post

Something weird just happened. My phone notified me that someone I don’t know “took a photo” of me on Instagram. I opened the app and found that one of the students from my Home Room class has Instagrammed our recent class photo and tagged me in it. Read more [...]

#selfies – You are worth more than the sum total of your ‘likes’

The numerical value of all their ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and ‘friends’, do not present an accurate picture of the quality of their social experiences, the total of their abilities or a reflection of their worth. Read more [...]