Think health, not weight

If you focus on weight instead of health, then you leave yourself open to doing clearly unhealthy things to lose weight. Rather than setting a ‘weightloss’ goal, set achievable, healthy, food and exercise goals. Aim for activities you enjoy doing and healthy foods you like to eat. Read more [...]

It’s about teaching boys AND girls mutual respect

There are currently hundreds of articles demanding that young men respect young women - and so they should. However, something has become blindingly apparent, and this is the major point being missed. Read more [...]

Sex Education, in the restaurant

As the evening progressed, I realized that every table had something in common. Every adult and every child (even the girl with the earphones) would spend several minutes, distracted from their conversations, staring up at that giant screen. Yes, even my own family. Read more [...]

Essential for Kids? Don’t be ridiculous.

In 30 seconds the ad not only unnecessarily escalates these normal concerns with a serious voice and death-toll soundtrack, it undermines parents’ confidence in their ability manage their children's intake and behaviours around food. Read more [...]

Does weight matter?

When we stand on the scales, the number that shows up simply reflects our relationship with gravity at thatgiven point in time. It does not tell us how well our body is functioning, how much activity we’ve engaged in, how strong our bones and muscles are. It does not tell us whether we are getting a good amount of necessary vitamins and minerals, what our energy levels are like or the health of our body’s organs. It tells us nothing about our mental and emotional health. So what’s a better alternative? Read more [...]

Gold Coast school to hold a pageant at their fete – video

The Ashmore State School Model Search will be held at a Family Fun Fair next month, with prizes including modelling courses worth hundreds of dollars. Read more [...]

THIS is a kiddie beauty pageant

Kiddie beauty pageants are coming to Australia and we Aussies aren't pleased. We do not want our kids prematurely sexualised. We do not want them wearing makeup and beehive hairdos at the age of two (actually, we do not want them wearing beehive hairdos at all, because they look utterly ridiculous). We do not want them primping and preening and flirting with the judging panel when they should be making mud pies. And we certainly don't want them to wear those expensive sparkly dresses because they're just going to spill their Milo on them anyway. Read more [...]

The Biggest Lie – Exposing TBL’s flawed health advice

I have always abhorred The Biggest Loser. But this year it has risen to a new level of exploitation, for ratings. This year it involves the public humiliation of minors. My colleague Lydia Turner exposes the gaping flaws of the show. Read more [...]

My child refuses to eat meat

Last week I approached paediatric dietitian, Meg McClintock, about a question I have been asked frequently - ‘How do I get my child to eat meat?’ I too have a child who is not a meat fan, so I was keen to hear her advice.   This is what Meg had to say: My approach can vary quite a deal from one individual to the other, but many of the strategies for managing children with particular dislikes are similar to those for generally fussy eaters. Of course, when it comes to fussiness Read more [...]

The scars have lasted more than 30 years: The effects of the child beauty industry on my life

As an adult, I can now tell you how it feels for me when I think about my past, how I’ve reflected on it and what I think the reasons are for certain issues.Rejection at any age is hard, but when you get ‘rejected’ because of your looks as a child, it leaves scars. When you are young your 'self-belief' is not yet formed. I’m not talking about outer confidence, which is totally different. I see that now. Yet everyone who sees child ‘beauty stars’ thinks we must surely posses self-belief. Read more [...]