Sex Education, in the restaurant

As the evening progressed, I realized that every table had something in common. Every adult and every child (even the girl with the earphones) would spend several minutes, distracted from their conversations, staring up at that giant screen. Yes, even my own family. Read more [...]

Understanding Teenage Girls – Video

My interview on Sunrise alongside Girlfriend Magazine’s editor Sarah Tarca and teen author Steph Bowe.

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There are never ‘two sides’ to child abuse!

I find that parents are often embarrassed to talk to one another about their child’s sexual curiosity, because they don’t always know what is ‘normal’. May I assure you that children have a natural inquisitiveness about their bodies and about sex. Sexual curiosity is part of a child’s learning about her gender. Read more [...]

Teen ‘sexting’ – The real issues with naked selfies

So Facebook is planning an app that allows you to send photos ‘discreetly’, much like Snapchat? Naturally! Doesn’t everyone sending a photo to grandma, of their 2 year old playing on the beach this Christmas season, want it to self-destruct in 10 seconds? Quick, get your specs grandma – oops too late. Read more [...]

Talking about sex: How much is too much?

We teach our children how to tie their shoelaces and to cross the street safely, how to do maths and how to be a good friend, yet we often falter when we have to mention the word 'sex'. Read more [...]

Sexualization: Real or Imagined Problem?

There has been quite a bit of debate over the issue of the sexualization of children recently due to the report Letting Children Be Children having been released by the British government. While some were happy to see the government make recommendations for industries to curb their marketing of make-up and padded bras to young girls, others complained that the government should be more worried about children living in poverty. In fact, some suggested that anyone expressing worry about Read more [...]

Parenting within the sexualised wallpaper of society – Part #2

Children develop at different rates, however this is a rough guide of some of the ways you could talk to your children about sexualised media, at each developmental stage. Read more [...]

Parenting within the sexualised wallpaper of society – Part #1

I am greatly encouraged by the fact that the term ‘sexualisation’ has now become a household word. There is a groundswell of academics, mental health professionals, schools and parents that regard  the effects of this culture as toxic to our children.  As I mentioned in ‘self-image vs sexualised-image’, premature sexualisation of children has many negative effects on developmental, physical and mental health. Some of the consequences on children, while their sense of self is still Read more [...]

Sex n Social Justice: What to Tell Your Children (Interview)

Let me begin by saying that many parents feel uncertain about how to talk to their children about violence, injustice or sexual themes. A natural reaction is to protect and shield children from unpleasant and distressing facts, however most school-aged children are aware of events in the news that involve these themes. If not acknowledged and discussed, the concerns and anxieties of children about these events can become too frightening and difficult for them to deal with. Read more [...]