• Parents are having much farther reaching effects than they know

    When you tell your child that they’ve reached their limit of screen time for the day or that they aren’t allowed to play a particular game because of its content, you aren’t going to see their grades improve immediately or better behavior tomorrow (in fact, you might see a lot of complaining today).

    Parents are having much farther reaching effects than they know
  • How much time should our kids spend with media?

    Despite all of the new technology, many parents still seem to have few rules about use of media by their children and adolescents. In a recent study, two-thirds of children and teenagers reported that their parents have “no rules” about time spent with media. (Wow!)

    How much time should our kids spend with media?
  • Changing negative thinking patterns

    There are 3 reasons we lose motivation.
    1. Lack of confidence
    2. Focusing on fears
    3. Loss of perspective

    Changing negative thinking patterns
  • Video Games can be good for you…wait, what?

    “You know what’s really exciting about video games is you don’t just interact with the game physically—you’re not just moving your hand on a joystick, but you’re asked to interact with the game psychologically and emotionally as well. You’re not just watching the characters on screen; you’re becoming those characters.”

    Video Games can be good for you…wait, what?
  • Teenagers, Sleep and Blue light

    Sleep is vitally important for learning, memory, brain development and health. Hence, when we systematically allow our children to go to bed late we are sleep-
depriving them during a time when their brains are still developing, and you couldn’t design a worse system for learning.

    Teenagers, Sleep and Blue light
  • Supporting Teens with Depression

    Depression is the most common mental health problem for young people. However, as we look at the current statistics of teen depression, regardless of how disturbing, they help us to recognise that it is a problem shared by many and has resulted in a growing resource of help and support.

    Supporting Teens with Depression

Self-worth & Body Image

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Think health, not weight

If you focus on weight instead of health, then you leave yourself open to doing clearly unhealthy things to lose weight. Rather than setting a ‘weightloss’ goal, set achievable, healthy, food and exercise goals. Aim for activities you enjoy doing and healthy foods you like to eat.

teens skyping

It’s about teaching boys AND girls mutual respect

There are currently hundreds of articles demanding that young men respect young women – and so they should. However, something has become blindingly apparent, and this is the major point being missed.


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