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Seminars are tailored to the specific needs of your school, community group, church or professional organisation.

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Collett runs a range of seminars. Topics


For Parents  

(the following seminars come directly out of Collett’s new book)


Parenting with Purpose – Raising Resilient Kids in life, relationships & their online world

This seminar includes:

  • 5 Factors that develop resilience in children
  • The research on what young people need from the adults and carers in their lives
  • Practical tips for enhancing a parent’s relationship with their children and teenagers


Healthy Relationships – how exactly do we address this topic with young people?

This seminar includes:

  • Appropriate ages for talking about body safety, sex and sexualised media
  • How to talk to children about exposure to ‘adult content’ online, before exposure occurs
  • How to respond when a child comes across p*rnography
  • Conversation ideas on consent, respect and healthy relationships


Growing Great Boys – What boys need to grow into healthy strong men

In this seminar Collett explores:

  • The mental health issues facing boys and men
  • Validating boys’ emotions – Emotional Intelligence
  • Teaching boys about healthy relationships – Relationship Intelligence
  • The language we might use around boys on; sex, intimacy, respect, strength and consent.
  • The research on the importance of mentors in raising boys


Helping girls navigate Social Media Culture: Selfies, Self-worth and Self-objectification

In this seminar Collett explores (without the fear):

  • What the research tells us about girls’ positive online engagement 
  • The dark side of social media, which hurts some girls
  • How to help our girls recognise healthy and harmful content 
  • Helpful conversations with girls, that don’t involve lecturing


For Teachers and Allied Health Professionals

Supporting students with anxiety and depression

This seminar includes:

  • The signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents
  • Recognising what exacerbates anxiety in students i.e. triggers
  • Relevant support systems (recognising mental, physical and social resilience factors)
  • How to practically support anxious students in the classroom setting


Talking to young people about Healthy Relationships

This workshop includes:

  • Information based on empirical evidence
  • Practical training for PDHPE, health and pastoral care teachers, and chaplains
  • Lesson ideas and outlines for talking to students about healthy relationships, consent, respect, the risks and effects of sexualised media and p*rnography in a #metoo world


For Students 

  • Strong Girls – A seminar on friendships, social media and giving your brain the best chance
  • Strategies for minimising the effects of stress and anxiety in Year 12 (for Year 11 and 12 students)
  • Change starts with us – pushing back at sexualised messages and p*rn culture (Boys and girls’ sessions run separately) 


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