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(image by Laith Tucci)

Exploring Teens event (image by Laith Tucci)

#GAMEON - gamification, cognitive development & socialisation. Guidelines for parents of kids who love technology

  • The benefits of gaming for brain development & socialisation
  • An analysis of violent video games
  • Online addictions – fact or fiction?
  • Recommended apps for enhancing youth mental health
  • Guidelines for parents on creating technology boundaries


What every parent needs to know about raising a resilient child

  • Understanding teen behaviour and development
  • Communicating with your teen
  • Teen mental health and teens at risk
  • Setting boundaries around alcohol, technology, sleep issues and more


Depression, anxiety and self-harm

  • The pressures faced by teens
  • Signs of youth depression and anxiety
  • Recognising self-harm
  • Why youth self-harm
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Communicating with a young person you are worried about
  • Practical strategies for offering support


 In a society that sexualises women and children, parents are left frustrated. The world appears different to the one they grew up in. How can we successfully raise grounded adolescents? This seminar explores the following:

  • A window into the everyday wallpaper that shapes a child’s world
  • How this affects children and teenagers – biological, psychological and social development perspectives
  • Practical recommendations: The when and how to talk to your children about relationships, emotions, sexuality, sexualised messages & the onslaught of p*rnified culture


RESILIENT KIDS ONLINE - Facing and embracing media, social networking and technology.

Technology is a double-edged sword. It is the doorway to enhancing knowledge, entertainment and remaining connected with others. It can also be a source of great personal pain and risk. This Seminar provides opportunities for analysis and discussion. Some areas covered include:

  • Cognitive and social benefits of technology and online games
  • The similarities and differences of girls and guys online activities
  • The risks without the panic – sexting, cyber bullying, mobile phones, online games, social networking and pornography
  • How you can help your children develop positive media and technology EQ and enhance healthy development of their self-worth
  • Practical recommendations for maintaining technological safety in every home


A few of the organisations Collett has run seminars for and/or consulted with include:

Generation Next conferences in Australia and New Zealand
Critical Agendas conferences (Sydney & Melbourne – Boys in Ed, Girls in Ed, Special Needs and Youth Mental Health conferences)
The Rite Journey with Andrew Lines.
Right 2 Childhood conference
Procter & Gamble
Parliamentary Round table (Canberra) on the effects of pornography on young people
Catholic Care
Southern African Educators conferences (hosted in Zimbabwe in 2013 and 2015)
The Hills youth suicide prevention forum
The ‘Pornography harms children and young people’ symposium
The Australian Classification Board ratings forum
Fusion seminars
Illawarra Council
Lane Cove Council
Warragamba Council
Wollondilly Shire Council
Fredbird Entertainment
CCAA conference
School Counsellors Forums
Private and public schools in and around NSW, Queensland & Victoria
A number of church conferences
And various others…

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