Beyond Shyness – A mother’s story on Selective Mutism

I have known a number of children with Selective Mutism and have often heard the following misconceptions from well meaning parents or teachers: "It is just poor parenting. The child needs to learn some manners." - Yet the other siblings have no issues with communicating publicly. "She needs some privileges taken away. That will deal with her stubbornness." - This never serves  to change the behaviour. It only ever heightens the anxiety. "He's just shy and he will grow out of it soon." Read more [...]

The Hug – Are we punishing affection?

As published on iVillage  Hugging is something that children do naturally, yet schools are banning it in the playground. Last Thursday saw a 12 year old student in WA, receive a detention for hugging a classmate. Have we gone daft in our protection policies? Ask any parents and they will tell you, there is little that will settle a baby like the warm embrace of his family. For decades we’ve known that babies don’t thrive without physical contact and affection. Cuddling helps the Read more [...]