Is my child on the Autism Spectrum?

The Autism Spectrum is exactly that - A spectrum. Not every child will behave in the same way or present with the same strengths or struggles. Hence, I get frustrated when I read articles disclosing ‘research’, which suggest that children can ‘grow out of autism’. This only serves to lay guilt and despair at the door of parents, when their child is not magically ‘cured’ of autism. Read more [...]

Teen Birthdays & Autism

Birthdays should be a day of celebration. Right? I love birthdays. I mean really love birthdays. I try and make a fuss about them because I think it is a day to celebrate. The day you came into this crazy world. A day to say you matter above everything and everyone else, today is all about you and how much I love having you in my world. This last weekend my darling D19 left the good old teenage years and rolled over into the big bad twenties. I tried to make it a day of celebration for him but I failed. MISERABLY. Read more [...]

The Hug – Are we punishing affection?

As published on iVillage  Hugging is something that children do naturally, yet schools are banning it in the playground. Last Thursday saw a 12 year old student in WA, receive a detention for hugging a classmate. Have we gone daft in our protection policies? Ask any parents and they will tell you, there is little that will settle a baby like the warm embrace of his family. For decades we’ve known that babies don’t thrive without physical contact and affection. Cuddling helps the Read more [...]

Christmas & Supporting Families with Autism

BUT for Annie it is not normal, she has very strong memories of the last 3 years Christmas celebrations on Boxing Day and is really distressed that we are changing it. Lengthy discussions about family history, photos of previous happy Christmas Eve celebrations are doing nothing to change her mind. Read more [...]