The scars have lasted more than 30 years: The effects of the child beauty industry on my life

As an adult, I can now tell you how it feels for me when I think about my past, how I’ve reflected on it and what I think the reasons are for certain issues.Rejection at any age is hard, but when you get ‘rejected’ because of your looks as a child, it leaves scars. When you are young your 'self-belief' is not yet formed. I’m not talking about outer confidence, which is totally different. I see that now. Yet everyone who sees child ‘beauty stars’ thinks we must surely posses self-belief. Read more [...]

Boost your child’s self-esteem

We know that a sense of self or self-worth is still developing in children, however a good reason for encouraging healthy 'self-esteem' would be to grow children that end up as resilient teens and adults. Read more [...]

Do whatever you want; Except if you are a girl! Guest Post

“I can do whatever I want!” If only it were true for all our girls. Read more [...]

Finding the balance: Pushy Parenting vs Encouragement

I remember being a teenager and watching a certain parent that used to come to school with cakes for the teachers almost every week (I generally don't think that teachers are thanked or told enough that they do a great job, but this was not about being thankful). She was usually first outside the principal's office if the child was not chosen as a student leader, she was first to demand to know why her child had not received an award at assembly and would have this long list for teachers of all the reasons her child should be most favoured in their classrooms. Read more [...]

Boundaries allow freedom

What is it with boundaries? - Children need them but they resist them. Read more [...]

Bully Proof Your Kids – The Problem with Praise

I have come to believe that when we focus on teaching children to seek the constant praise of others, in order to boost their self worth, we set them up for failure. Read more [...]