Sex Education, in the restaurant

As the evening progressed, I realized that every table had something in common. Every adult and every child (even the girl with the earphones) would spend several minutes, distracted from their conversations, staring up at that giant screen. Yes, even my own family. Read more [...]

Gold Coast school to hold a pageant at their fete – video

The Ashmore State School Model Search will be held at a Family Fun Fair next month, with prizes including modelling courses worth hundreds of dollars. Read more [...]

THIS is a kiddie beauty pageant

Kiddie beauty pageants are coming to Australia and we Aussies aren't pleased. We do not want our kids prematurely sexualised. We do not want them wearing makeup and beehive hairdos at the age of two (actually, we do not want them wearing beehive hairdos at all, because they look utterly ridiculous). We do not want them primping and preening and flirting with the judging panel when they should be making mud pies. And we certainly don't want them to wear those expensive sparkly dresses because they're just going to spill their Milo on them anyway. Read more [...]

The scars have lasted more than 30 years: The effects of the child beauty industry on my life

As an adult, I can now tell you how it feels for me when I think about my past, how I’ve reflected on it and what I think the reasons are for certain issues.Rejection at any age is hard, but when you get ‘rejected’ because of your looks as a child, it leaves scars. When you are young your 'self-belief' is not yet formed. I’m not talking about outer confidence, which is totally different. I see that now. Yet everyone who sees child ‘beauty stars’ thinks we must surely posses self-belief. Read more [...]

Rhinestones and Ruffles were back in Sydney

As with last year's event, the feathers, false nails and fake tans were rolled out alongside the rhinestones and ruffles. I’m not talking about an adult cabaret routine, oh no – these were girls from 3 years old and up. You guessed it - the pageants were back in town, with Mickie Wood and her daughter Eden (who has retired from competing to teach other girls about pageantry, at the ripe old age of 7) along for the ride. And Mickie was one of the judges this year. Read more [...]

The ‘family game’ – Lingerie Football League

Thanks to the LFL our pre-pubescent boys get to watch-on as their accompanying 'protectors' make the sign of a vagina when a goal is scored and indirectly learn how not to respect their mothers and sisters. Thanks to the LFL our country gets to teach little girls that their dads and uncles believe their body's screwability is valued more than their sporting ability. (Sorry to be crass but there is nothing respectful about the LFL) Read more [...]

How do I make rape ‘not funny’ to my teenage son?

I recently received an email from a parent with the exact subject heading as the title of this post. What got me thinking was that this was not the first time I had been asked/emailed/tweeted this question in recent months. Read more [...]

Dear Diva – Bin the Bunny

“…but Playboy's is a narrow, male-centred version of female sexuality… The nostalgic mainstreaming of the bunny, with its connotations of woman-as-plaything, is about selling one unequal stereotype of female sexuality, not embracing women's diverse appetites." Read more [...]

Playboy & Diva – Our girls are off-limits!

Diva is marketing and promoting the global brand of the porn industry to tweens (8 to 13 year olds). But don't worry it is all in the name of fashion, apparently. Read more [...]

My week on Planet Pageant

The 3 main messages I wanted to bring across to Australia in the debate were: 1. Child Beauty Pageants Sexualise and Objectify Children - see here 2. Child Pageants are toxic to healthy child development - see here 3. Child Beauty Pageants are a Big Business machine. Child Beauty Pageants Sexualise and Objectify Children: Even by the end of the debate, Mickie Wood did not grasp the difference between sex and sexualis Read more [...]