Does weight matter?

When we stand on the scales, the number that shows up simply reflects our relationship with gravity at thatgiven point in time. It does not tell us how well our body is functioning, how much activity we’ve engaged in, how strong our bones and muscles are. It does not tell us whether we are getting a good amount of necessary vitamins and minerals, what our energy levels are like or the health of our body’s organs. It tells us nothing about our mental and emotional health. So what’s a better alternative? Read more [...]

The Biggest Lie – Exposing TBL’s flawed health advice

I have always abhorred The Biggest Loser. But this year it has risen to a new level of exploitation, for ratings. This year it involves the public humiliation of minors. My colleague Lydia Turner exposes the gaping flaws of the show. Read more [...]

My child refuses to eat meat

Last week I approached paediatric dietitian, Meg McClintock, about a question I have been asked frequently - ‘How do I get my child to eat meat?’ I too have a child who is not a meat fan, so I was keen to hear her advice.   This is what Meg had to say: My approach can vary quite a deal from one individual to the other, but many of the strategies for managing children with particular dislikes are similar to those for generally fussy eaters. Of course, when it comes to fussiness Read more [...]

Teaching girls to aspire to thinness

Just this week the world of women (and men) were aghast at Dara-Lynn Weiss, a writer for Vogue, who spoke of putting her 7-year-old daughter Bea on a Weight Watchers-style diet: Read more [...]

Big Trouble on The Biggest Loser – Collett Smart on Today Tonight

"After all, how can you truly nourish something you hate?" Read more [...]

‘It Will Get Better’ – Resource

"Sometimes life can twist and turn and take us places we hadn't expected. People let us down, friends disappoint us or make stupid choices. Even with the best laid plans, things can change in a moment's notice or life doesn't always turn out the way we hoped. But whatever you're facing, no matter how shocking or painful it may seem, there is always a solution. And the great thing is that you are not alone - other people have been there before you and understand what you are going through." Read more [...]