Teenagers, Sleep and Blue light

Sleep is vitally important for learning, memory, brain development and health. Hence, when we systematically allow our children to go to bed late we are sleep-
depriving them during a time when their brains are still developing, and you couldn’t design a worse system for learning. Read more [...]

Parents are having much farther reaching effects than they know

When you tell your child that they’ve reached their limit of screen time for the day or that they aren’t allowed to play a particular game because of its content, you aren’t going to see their grades improve immediately or better behavior tomorrow (in fact, you might see a lot of complaining today). Read more [...]

Part 1 – ‘It’s Complicated: The social Lives of Networked Teens’

'It is common for people to label anything unfamiliar as dangerous, and social media platforms and gaming devices are no exception.' Read more [...]

Part 2 – ‘It’s Complicated’ – My disagreements

In an ideal world our digital persona would not have any effect on the views of employers, friends or colleagues, but no matter how much we hypothesize that this should not be the case pressing the delete button will not alter human conduct. Read more [...]

How much time should our kids spend with media?

Despite all of the new technology, many parents still seem to have few rules about use of media by their children and adolescents. In a recent study, two-thirds of children and teenagers reported that their parents have “no rules” about time spent with media. (Wow!) Read more [...]

Connect, connect, connect: How to best ensure your teen gets through adolescence as safely as possible

“Teens are all just a bunch of drunken yobos.” Right? – Wrong! Last week a principal got up after a Parent Information Evening that I had just presented at his school and started by saying "I think I have learnt two main things as a parent tonight - 'delay, delay, delay' and 'connect, connect, connect'!" Read more [...]

Trapped by Internet Addiction – with Seamus Byrne on Weekend Sunrise – Video

Collett Smart and Seamus Byrne, the editor of CNet magazine, on Weekend Sunrise Read more [...]

The Hug – Are we punishing affection?

As published on iVillage  Hugging is something that children do naturally, yet schools are banning it in the playground. Last Thursday saw a 12 year old student in WA, receive a detention for hugging a classmate. Have we gone daft in our protection policies? Ask any parents and they will tell you, there is little that will settle a baby like the warm embrace of his family. For decades we’ve known that babies don’t thrive without physical contact and affection. Cuddling helps the Read more [...]

iGroan – a response to parents’ growing relationships with iphones (and other mobile technologies)

It’s true – I do groan. It happens each time I wander past a playground to see children happily playing whilst their parents are busy attending to something or someone else on a mobile phone or device…either via a voice call, sms, email or web-browsing. The same thing happens when I turn up at children’s sport , only to notice that half of the spectating parents are otherwise engaged enthusiastically with their hand-held technology. You’ll find similar responses are elicited from Read more [...]

Saying NO to teens, without guilt – Guest post

I can’t work out what is so grey about keeping our kids safe. If you were to come to work with me for a day and see where one joint or one drink can take a teenager I promise you, you may not give in to peer pressure so easily. Read more [...]