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Category Archives: Media

Bullying in schoolyards

Psychologist Collett Smart provides tips for parents and teachers on school bullying. We're seeing up to 50% reduction in bullying - in schools that have actively implemented anti-bullying programs. Read more [...] Read More

Primary school model search – fundraiser

Psychologist Collett Smart discusses the risks of holding a model search, as a fundraiser, at a Gold Coast school fete Read more [...] Read More

Role models – The Kardashian effect

Analysing the Kardashian effect. Do teens regard Kim Kardashian as a role model? Have our values changed as a society? Psychologist Collett Smart discusses this on weekend Sunrise. Read more [...] Read More

Signs of teen alcohol abuse

Collett Smart talks to Channel 7 news about the signs and symptoms of teen alcohol abuse. Read more [...] Read More

Understanding teen girls

With psychologist Collett Smart, Girlfriend Magazine Editor Sara Tarca, Teenage author Steph Bowe. Are teen girls different today or do we worry too much? Read more [...] Read More

Trapped by Internet ‘addiction’

Psychologist Collett Smart and the Editor of CNet Seamus Byrne, discuss pathological internet use. Read more [...] Read More

Video game addiction

Helping young people with Problematic Internet Use Read more [...] Read More

Six and sexy

Child Psychologist Collett Smart and Journalist Suzanne Mostyn chat with Larry and Kylie about the findings in a new study. Read more [...] Read More