Connect, connect, connect: How to best ensure your teen gets through adolescence as safely as possible

“Teens are all just a bunch of drunken yobos.” Right? – Wrong! Last week a principal got up after a Parent Information Evening that I had just presented at his school and started by saying "I think I have learnt two main things as a parent tonight - 'delay, delay, delay' and 'connect, connect, connect'!" Read more [...]

10 parenting tips on teen binge drinking: Are you ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’?

I distinctly remember attending a sleepover party when I was 14 years old. There were about 8 girls at the party and the birthday girl’s mother was one of those parents that wanted to be ‘the cool mum’. We got to the party table and it was laden with chocolate, chips, cake, soda drinks and… alcohol. All for us! Yes, the mother purchased and served us alcopops. Read more [...]

Tough love = boundaries + consequences

Collett Smart on Channel 7:

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