The complicated issue of school bullying

"Mum, I was bullied today!" - Little else evokes as fierce emotions in parents. However, I am going to say something a little emotion provoking myself... We will never fully stamp out bullying!... there, I said it! Read more [...]

Get out of your tree! – for National Youth Week

A poem on bullying, and the bystander - by a 13 year old girl Read more [...]

Cyber-bullying: Empower your child – Part 2

It is imperative that we talk to our children BEFORE an incident occurs, as they need to be empowered and prepared for an incident when it occurs. There are great videos, such as this one Read more [...]

Cyber-bullying: Empower your child – Part 1

“Knowledge is not equal to Wisdom” Read more [...]

Bully Proof Your Kids – The Problem with Praise

I have come to believe that when we focus on teaching children to seek the constant praise of others, in order to boost their self worth, we set them up for failure. Read more [...]

Bullies and Victims – Offering solutions

Assumptions abound that if your child punches a bully just once, this display of bravery will put an end to the bullying. In reality, bullies pick on children who are the least likely to retaliate. They may be anxious, socially withdrawn and are often younger or smaller than the bully. That is why the bullies select them as targets to begin with. Read more [...]