There are never ‘two sides’ to child abuse!

I find that parents are often embarrassed to talk to one another about their child’s sexual curiosity, because they don’t always know what is ‘normal’. May I assure you that children have a natural inquisitiveness about their bodies and about sex. Sexual curiosity is part of a child’s learning about her gender. Read more [...]

Teen ‘sexting’ – The real issues with naked selfies

So Facebook is planning an app that allows you to send photos ‘discreetly’, much like Snapchat? Naturally! Doesn’t everyone sending a photo to grandma, of their 2 year old playing on the beach this Christmas season, want it to self-destruct in 10 seconds? Quick, get your specs grandma – oops too late. Read more [...]

White Ribbon Day – To end domestic violence – Video

Collett's interview on weekend Sunrise     Read more [...]

In celebration of teachers – National Child Protection week

I especially love how I get to see children and teens in their ‘entirety’. I observe their interaction with peers and teachers, how they face challenges in the classroom, on the playground and at school functions. I bear witness to the ‘whole child’ and then I get to watch them grow and develop through the years. I have the weekly privilege of monitoring the resilience, courage and tenacity of youth. Read more [...]

How do I make rape ‘not funny’ to my teenage son?

I recently received an email from a parent with the exact subject heading as the title of this post. What got me thinking was that this was not the first time I had been asked/emailed/tweeted this question in recent months. Read more [...]

Supporting Children through domestic violence – White Ribbon Day

I LOVE the fact that my children's school has issued white ribbons for every staff member and every male student in the school to wear today!Domestic violence was first recognised as a serious social problem during the second wave of  feminism originating in the late 1960s. Feminist activists provided safety and shelter for women and children escaping violence, and located the roots of domestic violence in gender inequality in social relationships. Defining Family Violence: Family violence Read more [...]